AZ Republic, AZ C. of C., AZ business leaders, John McCain, Grant Woods, Janet N. feeling wrath of the people

Arizona's Proposition 200 has passed 56 to 44. The Arizona Republic licks their wounds:

Arizonans approved Proposition 200 Tuesday, sending a message about their frustration over illegal immigration while defying opposition from many prominent political leaders.

The measure, designed to combat voter and benefit fraud by non-citizens, quickly became the most controversial state issue on the ballot, dividing politicians and citizens across party lines.

The decisive victory, despite a recent barrage of media ads against it, is expected to inspire similar measures in other states and could be used by the national anti-immigration groups that funded it as a bellwether to push for national immigration restrictions and border reform...

voters ignored McCain, Napolitano and most of Arizona's congressional delegation, deciding it was time to take matters into their hands...

At post time, the section of the article where they were about to put the final vote tally is left blank, leading me to speculate there's the small possibility they wrote this a few months ago.

Note this is co-written by Elvia Diaz. She was at the press conference where it was revealed that anti-Prop. 200 spokesman Grant Woods had been fined for employing an illegal nanny. To the best of my knowledge, that fact hasn't appeared in the Arizona Republic.

Note also that they managed to find three people who voted against it, but only one who voted for it.

And, they note that this proposition will most likely face a legal challenge. Expect the Arizona Republic to do their part in that fine effort.

UPDATE: Here's CNN's exit poll on the proposition.

Support for 200 crossed all lines. Those in the Race Industry would do well to ignore these results: it was 56 to 44 among whites and 47 to 53 among Hispanics. Hardly a racially divisive issue that the supporters of illegal immigration would like it to be.

UPDATE 2: Now, look at the liberal/moderate/conservative divide in support for Prop. 200. That's where the real divide is.