Class in class

Kids in some town in Iowa simulated a 1907 voyage to Ellis Island by dressing up in period costumes, going through inspections, etc. etc.

On the MultiCultiCult danger scale this is pretty low, but nonetheless some of it is a little revealing:

[A student] said he learned during the unit on Ellis Island that first-class passengers were usually treated better than the poorer immigrants...

Students also learned how the lives of present-day immigrants mirror the struggles of new Americans from 100 years ago, he said...

"In first class we've got good food," [a student] said. "It just shows the difference between first class and third class."

...Chris Long, 13, played Jose, a poor man from Portugal. In accordance with what some immigrants experienced at Ellis Island, an official said Jose did not pass one of the exams and marked his coat with chalk...

[A teacher name of] Yager explained to Chris and other marked students how Ellis Island procedures were similar to security checks made today at airports and other public locations.

American officials then worried immigrants might bring disease into the country, Yager said. Now, she said, they are concerned about terrorism and weapons.

"We didn't want to degrade people (then), but we were scared," Yager said...

Any lessons relating to present day immigrants is not described. However, one will note that someone named Jose was singled out to be rejected. Gosh, you think the teachers could have been sending a message? Where we just "scared" about disease then? Wouldn't "rightfully very concerned" be the better choice of words?


More than time people get their kids oout of these school cess-pools and home school or group together to have some moderate types teach their kids in some private school.

Big flaw has been citizens not stopping socialist hands in the state money pots and allowing state levels past county levels control. State even controls local boards, who are an outdated farce in the scheme of things.

If these miseducators say it is bad to be afraid of things like lethal infectious disease, are they about to stop being appalled by racism, or stop having fear of inequality between ethnic groups? Is it wrong to have fear of police brutality becoming more tolerated? There is nothing to fear, but the fear of actually harmful things?