"Republicans and the Politics of the Latino Vote"

From the report "Losing Ground or Staying Even: Republicans and the Politics of the Latino Vote" by University of Maryland Professor of Government James Gimpel:

  • The President's guest-worker proposal for illegal immigrants has had no discernable impact on Latino voters. Candidate positions on immigration policy are a low priority for Latino voters.
  • Latino voters have remained remarkably stable in their political views, preferring Democrats over Republicans by a margin of two to one nationally and in most states.
  • The vast majority of Latino voters live in states that are not battlegrounds in the current presidential race, thus their impact on the current election will be more modest than previously thought.

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This shows that the line about the republicans trying to get the latino vote with these proposals is not true. Appeasements of Fox cannot deliver any votes, but it can follow through on commitments made to those, whom it would be very bad publicity to name.