14% of U.S. population eligible to be card-carrying dual citizens

CNN/Money has a borderline wacky happyfun report on dual citizenship. When one passport won't do: An estimated 40 million Americans are eligible for citizenship in another country. Any takers?

Here's a product of globalization that isn't as easy to spot: the dual citizen.

He's the guy on the plane who was born and raised in Akron but flashes his Indian passport at customs in Mumbai. She's the lucky college grad who gets a trip to Europe and an EU passport to boot. They are the retirees who relocate to Ireland to trace family histories and receive national health benefits...

Just how many of them are card-carrying (make that passport-carrying) dual citizens [wacky! --LW] is virtually impossible to estimate. But many immigration experts have a hunch the number is increasing...

Etc. etc. The bad news - what little of it that's given - is given at the end of the article. Before we get to the bad news, we learn that 40 million Americans, or about 14% of our population are eligible to have what amount to divided loyalties. And, we learn that those dual citizens don't have to inform the U.S. government that they're now citizens of another country as well.

This post discussed how dual citizenship is part of Mexico's plan to meddle in our internal politics.


Several countries already have the makings of armies of millions inside the borders. America would be a rich prize for plundering, even if there were no further objective beyond that. No need to mention the name of the country which has antique and current claims on territory here, and has many millions of hostile dual citizens already situated where they would need to be, to do the most for their prior loyalty. As obvious as the national security jeopardy arising from this circumstance may be, for some reason there is an omerta on mentioning it. When someone breaks the omerta on this point, they try to laugh it off, but a laugh is not a legitimate argument. So little does it qualify as one, that one may presume that those whose only reply is some irrelevant mirthsomeness, can find no argument for his preference.