Joe Baca vs. John & Ken

U.S. Rep Joe Baca is striking back at John & Ken's Political Human Sacrifice (see this for a summary of Political Human Sacrifice).

He's sent a letter to other congressmen complaining that his record has been distorted by the "anti-immigrant" group (His letter is in this PDF file).

Not only that, but in his letter he plays the race card, including this incredible bit:

They also cite a speech I made while serving in the California State Legislature urging Latinos to vote and describe me as "racist" for it...

You can watch him making the speech in question here. Let's just say that any allusions I could make to the contents of his speech might violate Godwin's Rule.


Baca and his crew are nothing but Mexican--socialists who have infiltrated legislatures, state agencies,ed. superintendent positions,etc. to screw over U.S. taxpayers.

Think my basic rule of: 20 years here as U.S. citizen or get no benefit of any govt. benefs.usage would solve most of the problems.
And, pay taxes for those not citizens of 20 years by surname--for own tribe that manipulated to get in here to screw over Amer. taxpayers. (and thinking you're going to get away with it.

That takes care of all the ridiculous massive immigrations from all over the world and dumped by their own groups on to taxpayers!