KCStar: Americans should keep eating cake

The Kansas City Star has an editorial "Keep tuition law for immigrants" that starts its lies with title. The law in question deals with illegal aliens, not "immigrants." It allows those illegal aliens to get a better deal on college tuition than U.S. citizens or legal immigrants.

The lies continue throughout:

Opponents argued last spring that it would allow immigrant children to take college slots from native-born Americans. That isn't happening. There's room for both native-born and immigrant children in the state's colleges and universities.

Others contend the law is unfair and discriminates against out-of-state students, who cannot get the lower rates for attending Kansas colleges. But those students can pay in-state tuition if they attend colleges in their home state.

As pointed out above, using the phrase "immigrant" is a lie; they're illegal aliens.

The use of the phrase "native-born Americans" is a lie also. Those negatively impacted include native-born Americans, naturalized citizens, and legal immigrants. This is clearly a subliminal attempt to make the reader think of the scare word "nativist."

Whether there's room for both groups isn't the question; is there money for both groups? Shouldn't we give money to our own citizens and legal immigrants before we give it to those who are here illegally?

Apparently, the Kansas City Star thinks so.

See also the discussion of one of their similar editorials in "Kansas City Star: Let U.S. citizens eat cake". That post has several other links, including this contact information for the KCStar:


Editorial Page Editor
Miriam Pepper:


If this sort of policy were to spread, the welfare-swilling possibilities are enormous. One of the founders of the modern welfare system here pretended, when asked, not to even realize that mothers who had never married would be eligible for the programs. Similarly the open-handed advocates of the illegals, would say they didn't realize that it could be used as a source of housing and food for those who would take perhaps only ethnic studies.