A tale of two countries

From Another [L.A. County] Emergency Room Closes its Doors:

It is official the emergency room at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in Van Nuys closed its doors today. The hospital was reportedly losing $1-million each month. This closing leaves only 13 trauma centers in operation in the county, down from 26 in 1980's...

In August, hospital officials said the emergency room would close by year's end, mainly due to the cost of treating the indigent and uninsured, according to Tracey Veal of Northridge Hospital, a unit of Catholic Healthcare West.

"indigent and uninsured" is, of course, a euphemism for "mostly illegal aliens."

Now, read this:

After a fall of more than 40-feet, Mexican medical teams refuse to help a Kansas man. It was a trip to discover his heritage but instead turns tragic.

The 23-year-old was going to Mexico to meet his birth father for the first time. He had been living with his adopted parents his entire life in Newton.

Many people take for granted the quality of emergency medical care in the United States. It's one mistake a Newton family will never make again.

It's a lesson about health care that 21-year-old Olivia Sanchez learned the hard way. Olivia and her 23-year-old brother Ricardo recently traveled to Mexico to meet their biological family. A Newton family adopted them at the ages of 6 and 8.

During the trip, the brother and sister went swimming at the family's ranch. That's when Ricardo started climbing a cliff. [continued...]

If what had happened in the last story had happened to a Mexican citizen in the U.S. the Mexican consuls would immediately have swung into action. They would have filed a formal complaint with the State Department, contacted our putative American legislators, contacted the media, arranged marches, and all the rest. And, of course, the media would have immediately swung into action right alongside them. What's the response from our side? Nada.

Perhaps one day we'll stop being the sucker for a foreign country and those corrupt businesses that hire illegal workers.