"Out of our way, gringos!"

Here's a quote from the leader of a small Hispanic extremist group:

"Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future! You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is your duty to die. . . . Through love of having children, we are going to take over."

With that quote in mind, read the L.A. Times (guest?) opinion piece "Pouty White People".

It discusses how "Anglos" were once optimistic about California's future, but they're now mostly pessimistic. The author supposes this might be because:

a majority of Anglos clearly believe that their best days in the state are behind them... The newcomers [new immigrants] have punctured the idea of California as a middle-class utopia... Whites don't easily identify with the aspirations of these emergent groups... the Anglo myth that dreams should be achieved without struggle is gone.

The piece ends with:

...Like individuals, bodies politic must have a modicum of faith in the future if they intend to plan constructively for one.

California's crumbling infrastructure can be rebuilt, and its broken education system can be repaired. But that's not going to happen until we re-create the social contract that built postwar California. That contract must be founded on a shared vision of the future. If Anglo California is not willing to provide one, then at the very least it should make way for those who do.

While there's certainly a story here, this piece's treatment of it is marred by its not-so-subtle racism and its similarity in spirit to the first quote.

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Wow, I have to say that John S Bolton, you are the first racist person I have met. Your views are just as extreme as those hispanics that want to claim Calfornia for Atzlan. It seems though you speak out of fear so I can understand. What you see as you home is changing and of course anything that changes our idea of "home" is threatening. This is not a reason to be reactionary.

I wonder if these groups would be so eager to claim "stolen land" if it wasn't attatched to the U.S. financially. I wonder if they would agree to declare themselves as Mexicans over Americans if they were no longer protected by the constitution of the United States? I wonder if they would still want to be part of Mexico if the U.S. wasn't going to educate, provide health care, grant citizenship to their children anymore.
I agree that this country has babied these groups for too long. They make insane demands from the U.S. that only benefit one small group and claim it is for "immigrant rights". I wonder why they get so mad when the U.S. Border Patrol does it's job, I find it interesting that they always make sure that certain federal mandates that pertain to language accessiblities, or the Dream Act are upheld but when the federal immigration policies towards illegal aliens are enforced they cry racism. I think it is also distubing that the newspapers all over the country make claims that illegals who haven't committed crimes shouldn't be investigated or deported, ingoring the fact that they are committing crimes by being here illegally, haven't false documents, or stealing public services like education, or health care, or claiming benefit entitlements for their dependants from the tax-payers who fund these services for the citizens. The take advantage of all of these things at our cost. Journalist ignore the facts that court costs and prison costs are paid for by us. If the U.S. citizens try to recoup the money and suggest sending a bill to the Mexican government for support of their citizens then we are anti-immigrant once again. If a citizen suggests assimilation then we are forcing them to give up their heritage and language to accommidate us, but they have no problem demanding that we provide education and translation programs and public service workers to accomidate them thus making Americans assimilate to them, learn their culture, learn their language. Every county in the U.S. must now provide spanish speaking employees, police, 911 operators, social workers, teachers, minority business programs. Americans are being told to sacrifice. We have to see a month in our year for Hispanic Heritage Month and it was granted at a time that celebrates one of their independance days, even though that time used to be for Italiian-American History month. We are celebrated the indepenance day of another counrty as though it has anything to do with the U.S. Hispanic Heritage Month isn't like Black HISTORY Month. The difference is the words heritage and history. The latino groups pretend that illegal aliens are the same as legal immigrants. They won't agree to guest worker programs unless there is a citizenship allowance, they want driver's permits for illegals citing safety issues but refuse and scream if the states want to take note of the immigration status of the holder.

I wonder if these people would want to have to do exactly what the U.S. had to do to aquire "Atzlan". I wonder what the property values would be for Texas, AZ, CA, NM, and Utah these days? I wonder if they would be able to prove that their ancestor's were on these lands and kicked off at the time of the land deal? I wonder what their residency laws would be for the people who wish to live there? I wonder what citizenship restrictions they would enact if they did get aquire these states. Would they expect dual citizenship or commonwealth or territory support from us? Could we then deny U.S. citizenship to people born here who are citizens of another country? If Atzlan did become a reality and it was successful, would they be as generous to mexican immigrants crossing their border as they expect the U.S. to be.

The situation with the groups being apologized for in CA is an unprecedented debacle. There has never been such a rapid decline in quality of population, in a jurisdiction of tens of millions, in so short a time. In 40 years, CA school performance has gone from the top, to the bottom 10% of states. This is what the destruction of civilization looks like. These latino advocates tell the whites to get out of the way, and also to step in and save the latino, but they can't do both at the same time. The dream of effortless advancement, just by crossing a border into an open-handed welfare society, has been coming true so frequently, that all they can seem to do is raise taxes to accomodate more such anti-american dreamers more optimistically.

These folks are just plain stupid. Your latino roots will not grant you success in life, nor will having 10 children. He can say all that he wants, but it doesn't stop the fact that the majority of people in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and California are white. And by the way, that is irrelevant as to whether a state is successfull.

They exclaim:'we have more children', but irresponsible childbearing, and the subhuman breeding practices of the places where illegitimacy is the norm, are not virtues. The latino race-baiters tell us that they will not tolerate those who have no faith in their people's equal potentiality. This guarantees that they will be despised by the others. What if another racial group had to say: 'you ~must~ believe in my people', but the latino race-hustler says this without shame.

Look how these liberally overindulged latino race advocates try to turn vices into virtues. They say they're younger, but a short-lived population is that way because of their own weaknesses, or because the white man won't take care of them regardless? They say yankee-go-home, just like junta-stooges, and ethnic hostility to over-generous hosts is not a virtue. My people are so hard-working, they tell us, but they are not productive, if their efforts must go long unrewarded. Is this a virtue, to be unproductive, and proud of it?

The above stlye is also that of fascism; which pretends that by declaring their group to be the future, the principles which govern history will not apply to them. A people like the welfare-grabbing latino mix of new stone age Los Angeles today, has no past, and thus cannot be the future either. Illiteracy is not a characteristic of people with a future. Forty-odd % illegitimacy rates are not what is found with people who have a future. 50% dropout rates are not the future. Effortless dream-fulfillment is the reality of the alternative welfare-classes with the lowest aspirations. A group with a future does not need race war to come into their own. They deserve to see large numbers of their raza swept out like dirt.