What should Bill O'Reilly ask President Bush?

Bill O'Reilly will be interviewing Bush next week, and he wants to know what to ask. Send your "pithy" questions to Oreilly@foxnews.com.

I've only seen his show once or twice. But, I've seen "Internet rumors" that he's gone soft on immigration matters. In the past he's had exposes of extremists and the like, but apparently he's been drinking from the GOP Kool-Aid of late and supporting Bush's amnesty plan or similar. In the past he's supported some forms of guest worker programs. But, I haven't compiled his latest thoughts on the subject and since my Fernsehen only works locally, I don't watch his show.


A good question he could ask President Bush:
Mr. President,
How happy are you that Canada lacked the guts to arrest you as the war criminal that you are during your recent trip to that country? As the world's (current) leading mass murderer, are you elated that they did not put you before an international trial for crimes against humanity, or conversely, are you disappointed that Canada is so weak and lacking in principles when they certainly would have arrested much lesser mass murderers like an Idi Amin or a Papa Doc Duvalier if they were ever so foolish to have come to Canada?

He should ask if the administration is capable of acting against the drug dealers' cartel which owns and operates the mexican government. Similarly, if a state of war exists with that country, considering the military incursions by them over the borders, and the interference in our elections and legislative functions.