"Campaign cowardice"

From Lou Dobbs' Campaign cowardice:

The national media's focus on President Bush's National Guard service, or neglect of duty, and Senator Kerry's heroism, or opportunism, 35 years ago has been a boon to both candidates' efforts to avoid concrete discussion of the most important issues facing middle-class Americans...

...And while Bush maintains that our borders and ports are secure, Kerry maintains they are not. But both candidates, because of hypersensitivity to the important Hispanic vote, choose not to offer real and specific proposals to deal with what is nothing less than an invasion of our country by illegal aliens. In poll after poll, Americans by an overwhelming majority say they want illegal immigration ended. Study after study shows the crushing burden on our economy and taxpayers created by the influx of somewhere between 1 million and 3 million illegal aliens into the United States this year...

...One has to wonder why both candidates obviously fear dealing with the issues most critical to the nation they want to lead over the next four years. Timidity and disingenuousness in confronting these critical issues are hardly the character traits of the leader we should elect on November 2. One can only hope that character and the right stuff will emerge in either or both of our candidates in the weeks ahead. Let's hope so, for the sake of us all.

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