"Time to Take Illegal Immigration Seriously"

In City Journal, Heather MacDonald comments on [1] TIME Magazine's recent cover story:

...Time magazine just may have started a revolution in the mainstream press's attitude towards illegal immigration.

For decades, public outrage over illegal immigration met only scorn or indifference from the elite media. The New York Times recently dismissed opponents of border trespassing as the
" 'what part of illegal don't you understand' crowd." But with its September 20 cover story, WHO LEFT THE DOOR OPEN? [2], Time magazine has crossed over to the other side. The 9,000-plus-word article meticulously documents the destruction wrought by illegal aliens. More important, it seethes with indignation at the Bush administration's unwillingness to stop that destruction. The story's tone-calling border trespassers "invaders," who seek to "mask their unlawful presence"-was once confined to the ghetto of talk radio. No longer. And if Time-that venerable voice of the establishment-can fume that it is "outrageously easy to sneak in," maybe politicians will start to pay attention when the public voices the same complaint...

UPDATE: The other side is organizing a letter-writing campaign [3] complaining about TIME's "inaccuracies." If you've scanned the Immigration category here, you know that the TIME article was right on the money. So, you might want to send TIME an email of thanks: letters@time.com

9/29/13 UPDATE: I removed the italics tags from around "Time" in the title and converted links into footnotes.

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This is good that the major media are starting to break ranks with each other's omerta on the harshly negative side of immigration policy as it is administered today. There has been a huge increase in anti-immigrationist publishing, which has built up rapidly from essentially zero in the 80's. America went around 50 years without a single anti-immigrationist book from our publishing houses, unless I'm mistaken. Then we had one published every several years, then one, and then several titles per year recently. The last time anti-immigrationism had books published frequently, in the 20's, we got several rounds of restricionist legislation.