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"McGreevey Fund-Raiser Pleads Guilty in Farm Case"

From this:

A fund-raiser for [New Jersey] Gov. James E. ["I'm a Gay American"] McGreevey pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges he solicited $40,000 in cash and campaign donations as part of a shake-down scheme in which the governor has also been implicated...

The indictment also said an unidentified state official used the code word "Machiavelli" to show that officials were helping with the scheme.

McGreevey acknowledged he is the state official referred to. But he insisted he did nothing wrong, and said the mention of Machiavelli was an offhand literary reference. He has not been charged...

If this had succeeded, it might have resulted in a private landowner getting an additional $4.4 million for the property New Jersey wanted to buy from him...

But, enough sordid tales you say.

Herewith, enjoy this picture of Dina Matos McGreevey Lonewacko jumping rope. Whee!

Politics · Wed, 09/15/2004 - 12:20 · Importance: 1