Crack jokes! Stat!

Lettermen, Leno, lesser gabbers' staffs now searching computers for old crack jokes:

Marion Barry is back.

The former mayor of Washington, D.C. who served prison time on a drug charge more than a decade ago claimed the Democratic nomination for a City Council seat on Tuesday, a spot that almost assures him of victory in November's general election.

Barry took 61 percent of the vote, based on preliminary results from 62 percent of precincts, beating the incumbent and five other challengers in the Democratic primary...

"It's not only a victory for Marion Barry but for God and the people of Ward 8," Barry told cheering supporters. "There's a new Ward 8 a-coming."

(Via TalkLeft)


You really got to love the bull, but at some point we really must stop! and do are jobs as Americans, if we don't God help us all.

Question how many time can a guy like this show he is a real fool and should not be in any political office?

But maybe its because he is Black and can get away with this outrageous bull? let us all hope he will not rape some kid, or murder some-ones wife or both.

Searching for "quotes from marion barry" turns up this sparkling piece of clear thought:" The contagious people of Washington have stood firm against diversity..."