"Tancredo furious with Hutchinson comment on immigration"

From The Hill:

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) considered calling for a top Bush administration official to resign after reading his recent comments on enforcing immigration laws, according to sources...

A spokesperson for Tancredo said the lawmaker was "fairly angered" with Hutchinson's comments. The staffer added that Tancredo and Hutchinson were scheduled to discuss the remarks last evening [i.e., 9/13 --LW], with the expectation that the matter would be resolved and Tancredo would not call for Hutchinson's resignation at today's press conference...

According to this, they haven't yet spoken.


As well he should be; if the police departments announced that since they're never going to stop murder, why not give up the pretense of even trying to, this would cause outrage to be expressed from all quarters. The aggression involved in illegal immigration is usually not so extreme, but there is aggression against the border, and the laws along a broad front, and especially against the net taxpayer. The net taxpayers are being victimized, and should complain, night and day.