"America's most urgent crisis"

Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily discusses the TIME cover story "Who Left the Door Open?" He offers a summary of the article and has several good suggestions and a few not-so-good suggestions. One of the good ones: "the firing of all top immigration officials who do not enforce the laws — beginning with Tom Ridge and Asa Hutchinson."



What if the head of the DEA, or the BATF, or the anti-trust division, or one of the racial-quota enforcement agencies, said: it's not practical to enforce these laws, so let's not even pretend to do more than the absolute minimum that the public will let us get away with. Suppose one of these said either you can immediately wipe out the problem, taking out millions of violators in a year or less, or you have to give up. It would be said ,no, these are not our only alternatives, and the official in charge would be told that he is retiring or giving up, but the country isn't.