Let them come and seek asylum!

The DHS has just granted asylum to someone who's "the foreign minister-in-exile of the secessionist Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, and a former military adjutant to Chechnaya's generalissimo, Shamil Basayev." The Beslan school massacre may have been ordered by the latter named individual. Don't you feel all safer now?

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(Via redstate.org/story/2004/9/7/1740/62840)


If Russian agents come and kill him, and this causes a major breach of relations, or a similar situation with another refugee, this will again demonstrate the dangers of entanglement and war which can issue from an undiscriminating refugee policy.

The government has been telling us that immigration policy must avoid being undiplomatic to the mexicans, whose touchy sensitivities can easily be set on edge by immigration issues. This asylum-granting gives the lie to that piece of propaganda; they could care less about the effect on our relations with a huge nuclear power, whose foreign policy is of the utmost relevance to our national interests. To the Russians, this refugee subhuman is the equivalent of osama's immediate deputy, being harbored in defiance of all norms of civilization.

It is as if they said: welcome to America, child-massacring moslems. This is an act of extreme hostility against civilization, and specifically against the Russian people. It shows the nature of the government's compassion for evil, as though they delight in the massacre of children. Officials say they would like to have immigration policies be sensitive to diplomatic considerations; what could be more outrageously undiplomatic and contrary to our foreign policy interests than this? The government is given over to the mindless pursuit of freedom =for= aggression; or they would not harbor mass-murderers. It shows how unclean the asylum system is; that it can put us on the side of some of the most vicious ethnic-warriors in the world. It is morally unclean.