Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) "wins" Political Human Sacrifice

L.A. talk jocks John & Ken (KFI 640AM) have announced the results of their Political Human Sacrifice poll:

Congressmen David Dreier (Rep.) and Joe Baca (Dem.) are the choices to be Politically Sacrificed. KFI listeners are encouraged to tell everyone to vote these two hacks out of office...

You might be saying, but, isn't David Dreier a Republican? Why would they encourage people to vote for Dreiers... gasp!... Democratic opponent? Because, if he hopefully gets voted out it will send a message to the GOP that they shouldn't be as bad as the Democrats on illegal immigration.

If you think this is unlikely, you might want to bear in mind that John & Ken were one of the driving forces behind the Gray Davis recall.


We Republicans get it. We realize that Dreier has been Rope a Doping us for too long, giving lip service to the fight against illegal aliens while all along sticking it to the taxpayers with a boot knife for his big business donors. By clipping Dreier we will send a message to our Republican leadership that they must listen to their base. In the long run, much will be gained. John and Ken are heros to the majority of voters of all races who want something done about illegal immigration to secure our borders from terrorism and to prevent our own country from becoming something akin to the third world.