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A trip inside the smuggling infrastructure

The San Diego Union-Tribune has a recount of how one Honduran illegal alien was smuggled into the U.S. Allow me to summarize:

Used an altered Mexican ID card to board a Southwest flight with five others... Subject of story had paid for his ticket, but the tickets for the other five were paid for by Southwest's frequent flyer program...

Got shaken down by Mexican police... the smuggling outfit was efficient and experienced... some illegal aliens "often [work] more than a year to repay loan sharks or relatives for their journey..." Article's subject has fourth grade education, one of the others had just six months of education... None of them had been on an airline before... description of prestamistas [loan sharks]... they crossed the border in Arizona and never saw nor heard the Border Patrol...

Immigration2004 · Tue, 09/07/2004 - 10:36 · Importance: 1