"Tancredo Says Some In Government Want Open Borders"

Here are some quotes from Tom Tancredo:

A Colorado congressman who has led the charge for better border protection says he doubts even a terrorist attack on the U.S. Congress itself would change the minds of some of his colleagues about the need to shut down the flow of illegal aliens across America's southern border...

Congressman Tom Tancredo says he doubts even a terrorist attack will change some of the minds in the U.S. government. "You have to understand that there are people who are committed to the elimination of the concept of nation-states, for all intents and purposes. There are people who are so committed to that," he says, "that a terrorist attack doesn't affect that theory."

The Colorado Republican, who chairs the House Immigration Reform Caucus, is hoping that many of the "open borders" advocates will be defeated in November. He says some members of Congress appear to be committed to the elimination of national borders altogether -- people who aspire to a world that is not "encumbered with things like nation-states and loyalties and patriotism, and stuff like that... They think that's where we've got to go, and that we can handle terrorism once we get there."

Don't believe him? Read through this category, you'll probably change your mind.


Until recently, no scholar had given solutions of the Ricardo equations for the effects of immigration. They had only given us the GUF (global utility function), and had maintained an omerta on the negative movements in the terms of trade which basic economic theory has now been shown to necessarily say would follow from the mass immigration into the much more productive countries from the much less efficient ones. Recall that these one-worlders have been pretending that the facts of economics are on their side, yet they have found it necessary to maintain an omerta on the subject of what Ricardo's equations tell us will happen to the more productive countries from the influence of continued mass immigration from the less-productive.

Consider what an open-borders, no-nation world would inevitably be like. No country of any size could have a standard of living much higher than the world average. For Americans, that is like wanting to take a 75% pay cut, in order to accomodate the irresponsible breeding practices of the entire 3rd world. Weinstein and Davis, at Columbia have solved Ricardo's formulae for the case of migration. The result is that any more productive country will draw, and effectively finance the migration of as many foreigners as it takes to push them down to the world average.