Open Borders, Closed Debate

NRO wins with the quote of the week in this article:

The White House's heavy hand on [illegal alien amnesty, etc. being mentioned at the GOP convention] might stem from the understanding that their side would lose in an intramural GOP debate on immigration. No one criticizes the White House for having its own agenda distinct from the party's, but the process is frustrating. While bringing democracy to the Middle East, Bush might consider trying it within the GOP.

The rest of the article is similar to previous reports about Tom Tancredo's failed attempt to get pro-American planks added to the GOP platform.


Well, we'll see if David Dreier is targeted for defeat. That will grab the attention of some people - maybe.

The fact that they want to prevent debate of this amnesty proposal, shows an underhanded, under-the-table aspect. This is something that can survive only in shadows; it only takes one questioner to ask how it will not worsen the problem it purportedly seeks to ameliorate, to discredit it utterly. We know that Mexican criminals will gain from it; hostile foreigners will aggrandize their position here, but that is all. Will anyone be allowed to ask how this can aid the national interest?