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Do you know the way to San Jose?

Duh duh duh d'duh:

Seeking to end a searing, months-long controversy, San Jose City Manager Del Borgsdorf on Friday concluded his investigation into the city's bungled City Hall technology deal with Cisco Systems by laying all blame on three administrators who already have resigned or been demoted...

But the report released Friday by Borgsdorf will not be the final word on the subject. Santa Clara County District Attorney George Kennedy has launched a criminal investigation of the Cisco deal, and council members have said they may want an independent probe of city management...

I previously posted a wacky humor-style bit about San Jose's new luxurious $45 million city hall. That prompted a commentor to provide a laundry list of links to corruption in San Jose, which those interested in such matters are invited to check out at the last link.

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