"Cantor Fitzgerald accuses Saudi Arabia of aiding al-Qaida prior to 9-11 attack"

From Long Island's Newsday:

Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, a bond trading firm that lost two-thirds of its workers in the World Trade Center attack, has sued Saudi Arabia for allegedly supporting al-Qaida prior to the Sept. 11 attack through financing, safe houses, weapons and money laundering.

The company, in a $7 billion lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, also named dozens of other defendants, including numerous banks and Islamic charities, in a bid to hold them accountable for its losses in the terrorism attack.

That report references the earlier, larger suit against our allies in Saudi Arabia. Details on that start in 'CIA's Woolsey Tells Court: Iraq Involved in 9/11'; that post links to excerpts from the earlier complaint.

Note the headline to this AP report; the original AP report's headline appears to be "Cantor Fitzgerald Sues Saudis for Losses". Reuters (also in USA Today and CNN) doesn't include the Saudis in their headline, only al Qaeda.

And, remember, Citizen, the Saudis are now conducting raids so we don't need to worry about them anymore.