No Social Security for Illegal Aliens

From a 2003 entry on Dana Rohrbacher's website:

The federal government is thinking about giving away Social Security benefits to illegal aliens.

Various interest groups are pushing for the Social Security Administration to sign a "Totalization Agreement" with Mexico that would entitle illegal aliens to Social Security benefits. With Social Security and Medicare in crisis, this is so irresponsible it takes the breath away.

Congress must act, and act now. I have introduced legislation, H.R. 1631, that would forbid any Social Security credits for illegal aliens or work in violation of the terms of a visa. This would emphatically not affect those who have a legal right to work, such as legal permanent residents or those who have valid work visas.

Estimates vary, but even the lowest figures show adding illegal aliens to the Social Security rolls will cost the Social Security Trust Fund billions and billions of dollars. Seniors should ask why anyone would want to give those dollars to illegal aliens, draining funds available for Social Security and Medicare benefits, and reward those who break the law...

A couple months ago, the Bush administration decided to give Mexico yet another gift. From this official fact sheet [PDF file]:

On June 29, 2004, the Commissioner of Social Security signed a totalization agreement with the Director General of the Mexican Social Security Institute. This is the first step in a process that requires review (in order) by the State Department, the White House, and the Congress to enter into a formal agreement. In addition, the Mexican Senate must approve the totalization agreement...

According to the GAO, the proposed agreement will likely increase the number of unauthorized Mexican workers and their family members eligible for Social Security benefits. Mexican workers who previously lacked the required 40 quarters of coverage could qualify with as few as 6 quarters of coverage...

Now, back to near the present day. Lou Dobbs Tonight had an interview last week with Rohrbacher about this here.

You'll recall that one of the planks Tom Tancredo tried and failed to get added to the GOP platform opposed the "totalization agreement" with Mexico. Here's more from Tancredo on this topic.

Rohrbacher links to Joel Mowbray's 2003 article "Social Security Heading South of the Border." (Like some of the other following links, that's not a recent article.) Congressman Ron Paul has "Return of the Great Social Security Giveaway." From 2003, "Mexico benefits accord rapped" From FAIR: Social Security Funds for Illegal Aliens? and U.S., Mexico Approve Deal on Social Security Benefits. And, from Feb. 2003, "Counting On Social Security?"

There are steps you can take here and here.


This is another traitorous giveaway proposal; work less than two years and get decades of welfare/soc. security, and regardless of whether they even have a green card. For officials to funnel public funds to the foreigner over the borders fits the definition of treason. The social security disability system will presumably also be open to hostile foreigners, who will only have to work two years here, get registered as disabled, move to mexico, and live on $800 a month for the next 50 years. The social security basic-levels payments are several times the median wage of mexico. If 20 million sign up, it will only involve traitors shipping out around 200 billion a year.