"Bipartisan betrayal at the border"

Michelle Malkin's latest column touches on George P. Bush's comments about the Border Patrol (link):

George P. Bush calls it "barbarous" that we arm Border Patrol agents with plastic pellet guns. The true disgrace is that we have rendered our border guards defenseless, handing them toy guns instead of real weapons. The criminals in Mexico who traipse across our border have no problems with "macho" displays of barbarism. Park Ranger Kris Eggle was murdered by an AK-47-wielding Mexican drug smuggler two years ago this month. Kris was 28 when he was gunned down -- the same age as George P. Bush.

You want to talk about "reprehensible"? What is reprehensible is a prominent American citizen disrespecting our federal immigration enforcement officers on foreign soil while scraping for expatriate votes. Border Patrol agents and Park Rangers on the southern border put their lives on the lines every day to protect us from harm. They should be thanked, not trashed...

My discussion of GP's comments is here.


They care about the wounded pride of the mexicans who bow down before their drug-dealing rulers, while in wartime, the borders are left undefended by our troops. Enemies are using the southern border to get into position to use terror-bombings to influence the national elections, and these politicians who would like to be considered generous with other people's lives apparently, are crying over the damage to the prestige of the mexican peone.