Today's THK news bites

Both from this.

1. ..."last night, Teresa took the microphone and said, "Hello, Nevada!" Kerry leaned into his fatigued wife quickly and said, "Arizona." "Oh, Arizona!" she replied. "We're in Arizona. We're still in Arizona. and we are going to Nevada..."

That's OK, I get all those states confused too.

2. three Republican members -- Reps. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, his brother Mario and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen -- will charge that Teresa Kerry's foundation has "connections" to and has helped finance "Fidel Castro's Internet network."

[... CNN explains it away ...]

[... Heinz Endowments' Maxwell King explains it away ...]

That claim is described in more detail in the older article "Canadian arm of Heinz-Kerry electronic octopus hooked Cuba up to Worldwide Net". It all boils down to the definition of "fungible."

UPDATE: "Tides Foundation Statement Regarding Planned News Conference by Florida Congress Members" has the party line.