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The video of this was quite funny, but I don't have a link, just the picture and "No train stop confuses Kerry supporters in Kansas. Inadvertent snub blamed on miscommunication":

"We raised our hand [perhaps they had Wendy's cups in the other hand --LW] to wave, but the engineer hadn't slowed, and by the time we had waved even a little to the signs and cheers and camera flashes, it was dark again," wrote Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, on the campaign's Web log. "We sat frustrated, but we knew we were not as frustrated as the people of Lawrence, Kansas."

She forgot to mention the part where John Kerry took immediate command of the situation, demoting the engineer and vainly trying to apply the brakes to no avail.

UPDATE: #19 told me that #5 has a much more detailed report - including a few small pictures - here.