"Kerry Stresses Government's Role in Helping Minorities"

This would be so very funny if it weren't so sad:

John F. Kerry today said entertainer Bill Cosby's recent admonition that black Americans need to take greater personal responsibility for poor education and high crime was "excessively exclusive" and ignored the government's role in helping minorities.

I understand exactly where Bill ["Bill?" Do they know each other? Or, is Kerry just "down"?] is coming from in his comment," Kerry said, measuring his words carefully as he spoke to a convention for minority journalists in Washington. "It may be excessively exclusive in the breadth of it, in the sense that it sort of targets just the responsibility side, but that's an important side."

[Kerry promised] to run a more inclusive White House and [Kerry promised] to fund federal programs targeting every group from Native Americans to veterans from the Philippines. He even promised to fight to increase the number of minorities in prominent media jobs, which government has no control over.

The Democratic nominee said he is the candidate who feels the pain of minorities. "I am also aware -- how can you live in America and not be aware? -- of the special challenges facing people of color." As president, Kerry promised a mixture of affirmative action, government spending and meetings with minority groups to end racial imbalances.

[Kerry also said] "The harsh fact now is that in the last election more than 1 million African-Americans were disenfranchised in one of the most tainted elections in history."

When you've finished laughing, click on over to "Running on Urban Mythology: Before Kerry plays the race card, he should check the facts in his deck.". That explains how Kerry is lying about the 1 million disenfrachished voters.

EXTRA HUMOROUS BONUS: Enjoy this flashback from the NAACP conference:

UPDATE: The empty space you see above was the picture of Kerry at the NAACP conference giving the Black Power salute. The link appears to have gone bad; if I find it elsewhere I'll provide an update.