Another attempt to give illegal aliens the vote

The latest is from San Bernardino:

City Attorney James F. Penman warned the school board Tuesday evening that it would be in violation of state law if it supported a measure allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections.

Penman's comments came in response to a proposal by education advocate Gil Navarro, who asked the San Bernardino City Unified School District board to put the issue on next month's agenda...

The state elections code and the state Constitution require voters to be citizens, Penman said.

``You don't have any jurisdiction over the election laws of the state,'' Penman told the board...

``We're talking about parents being treated differently,'' Navarro said. `'It's not fair that they don't have a choice in deciding who can represent them on the school board.''

Actually, it's not fair that they're here illegally in the first place. They're still eligible to vote in the countries of which they're citizens.

Note that Gil Navarro is a member of MAPA. The head of MAPA is Nativo Lopez, who was successfully recalled from the schoolboard of the largely-Hispanic city of Santa Ana.

If this passes, expect the Bush administration to work behind the scenes to arrange funding for the voter pamphlets written by the government of Mexico.