PAN, but for California

From this:

Moving to capitalize on lingering resentment over legislative efforts to grant driver licenses to undocumented aliens, conservative Republicans plan to launch a broad initiative campaign aimed at barring those here illegally from collecting welfare, college scholarships or food stamps.

"We have to stop the incentives for coming here illegally. This is the only way to do it. The Legislature cannot be trusted," said Mike Spence, president of the California Republican Assembly, a conservative grass-roots wing of the GOP...

Spence's grass-roots group has proven it has the capability to follow through. It collected more than enough signatures on a referendum to overturn a driver license bill signed by then-Gov. Gray Davis...

The titular "PAN" refers to the Protect Arizona Now initiative, which was designed with 187's flaws in mind. Hopefully this initiative will be very carefully drafted and will have been vetted by several legal scholars. And, note that PAN has 70% to 74% support from Arizonans, and Prop. 187 - despite horrendous smears from the far-left and mistakes from the supporters - passed 59-41.

The usual suspects will no doubt whine and smear about this. Unfortunately, some of the usual suspects will self-identify themselves as conservatives. These "compassionate" conservatives will attempt to say that 187 caused the decline of the California Republican party. This is despite the fact that "Prop. 187 was heavily supported by Latinos, 52 percent to 42 percent two months before the vote. But 77 percent of Latinos voted against it. [after the smears and the mistakes--LW]"

In additon to using far-left-proof language, let's hope this campaign is conducated (by the correct side) in a high-minded manner and the supporters represent a wide spectrum of Californians. Let the other side wave the Mexican flags.