"What if?!?!"

"What if? What if?"

He sounds like William Shatner just before he breaks into song.

What's this deal about one America, and ending divisions? Does that mean the Democrats are going to stop being the party of race and class baiting?

And, how are the delegates going to come down after the speed required to stay awake during the 46 minute screed?

UPDATE: Here's what Kerry said:

And that's why Republicans and Democrats must make this election a contest of big ideas, not small-minded attacks. This is our time to reject the kind of politics calculated to divide race from race, group from group, region from region.

Ohhhkaayyy. Maybe he should tell that to - just for a start - Al Sharpton and his own campaign co-chairman. The latter is the former president of the UCLA chapter of the racial separatist group MEChA.

Balloons! Give me the balloons! Go balloons! Go balloons!


It was planned with the precision of a military operation ? but the drop of 100,000 red, white and blue balloons for John Kerry went so horribly wrong that the convention producer screamed out the F-word over national TV.

"Balloons. What's happening, balloons? There's not enough coming down. All balloons. Where the hell ? there's nothing falling. What the f- - - are you guys doing up there?" shrieked the producer, Don Mischer.

The live feed was carried over CNN...

The balloons bit is just funny and no more. As I said on a post to VRWC-l, I would urge my fellow VRWC members to treat it as just a joke and not try to make a big deal of it. Anyone who's ever put on a show can identify with his top-blowing.