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"Anti-War Activist Dragged off DNC Floor in Handcuffs"

Guess who!

Behind veneer of unity, Democratic leadership works to squelch anti-war sentiment

Boston -- As Teresa Heinz Kerry gave her prime-time address at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night, Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK: Women for Peace attempted to bring an anti-war message onto the convention floor. She unfurled a pink banner that read "End the Occupation of Iraq" -- a sentiment that is shared by the majority of Americans and vast majority of Democrats -- and was promptly dragged out of the Fleet Center by the police...

Inside the convention, the DNC has banned anything but "officially printed" banners and signs from the convention floor, and several anti-war delegates from the Kucinich campaign have been told to take off scarves that say "delegate for peace." Outside the convention, those who oppose the Democratic Party position on Iraq are relegated to a "protest pen", which is actually a cage surrounded by fencing and barbed wire...

Politics · Wed, 07/28/2004 - 10:05 · Importance: 1