Lonewacko wades into Socksgate

This has already been linked by a few more popular blogs, but not by the Pope. Thus herewith:

I have been cleared to reveal the following info. I'm not allowed to say where I got it.

I have a reader who is involved with the government's efforts to fight terror, and he has connections who tell him the big suspicion is that Berger took things he thought would help Kerry in the Presidential campaign. Also, the grapevine says not all of the documents taken were copies. Furthermore, I am told that an FBI agent described Berger as "a total asshole" who is not as cooperative as he claims.

Also, I am told that an effort is being made--either by the press or the Kerry/Berger camp; it's not very clear--to mount a sound bite campaign to put the matter to rest. The idea is to make it look like sloppiness, because the truth is that it was deliberate. And I am told that this scandal is much more serious than we have heard so far...

Of course, the reader is instantly reminded of Bubba's latest comments:

Former president Bill Clinton defends his embattled national security advisor as a man who "always got things right," even if his desk was a mess...

"...all of us who've been in his office have always found him buried beneath papers...

...[Berger] has always been up to his ears in papers..."

Kinda like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Except, instead of straw peeping out from his pants legs, it was documents.

That loveable wacky absent-minded former National Security Advisor!