More fun with MoveOn

Now that their last publicity stunt was shot down, MoveOn moves on, offering a commercial entitled "Debate." It offers a preview of the upcoming Bush-Kerry debate, where cardboard cutouts of the blood rivals morph into who they really represent. (MoveOn has not heard about morphing being a bit outdated.)

As can be seen from the outtake above, Bush represents the interests of three corporate types, whereas humble, man-o-the-soil Kerry represents the interests of normal, everyday Americans like you and me.

The fact that all three corporate types are white guys of varying ages and the Kerryites are a white actor trying to portray a white blue-collar worker, a white female, and a young black male (disabled with his inhaler to boot) is just a coincidence. I'm sure in some markets MoveOn will be airing commercials where all or even some of the bad guys are Of Color. Stay tuned, those commercials will be available any day now.


The irony seems to be totally lost on organizations like moveon. They make racist/prejudiced ads like this one, in the name of protecting people of color, women and the working class. It would be hilarious if so many people weren't supportive of these organizations. Sadly there seem to be thousands if not millions of naive active voters who fall for this type of nonsense leaving it up to others to tirelessly campaign for integrity and honesty in advertising let alone another side of an issue.