Snopes on Jeremiah Denton

The Urban Legends site Snopes has a report on the Jeremiah Denton incident (snopes . com/politics/religion/denton.asp):

Claim: Vietnam veteran (and former POW) Admiral Jeremiah Denton was prevented from speaking before the California Assembly on Independence Day 2004.

They determine that, of course, the claim is true. Readers of this blog already knew this.

Unfortunately, the more popular mainstream blogs and the non-liberal media refused to pay any attention to this story for some reason.

The Snopes article excerpts an L.A. Times piece (latimes . com/news/local/state/la-me-polcol12jul12,1,4381917.story) (also here ktla.trb . com/news/local/la-me-polcol12jul12,0,1952238.story) that mentions this incident. However, it's in their July 12, 2004 'Inside Politics' column. That column contains six stories, Denton's is the second. And, it refers to Campbell's email as a "screed." And, the tone of the article is one small step above Reuters' Oddly Enough category. That wacky Fabian Nunez!

I emailed the story to the L.A. Times on July 3. They didn't cover this until well after it had taken place, and it was basically buried.

On the other hand, the legal newspaper the L.A. Metropolitan News says: "Fabian Nunez Should Apologize to War Hero or Resign" (metnews . com/articles/2004/affairs071404.htm).