JumboJack90040 has a question

The newest member of the John Edwards community has a question:

I'm on the fence, and I hope someone can help me with a few questions.

I read a report where John Edwards said that John Kerry will restore corporate responsibility. That sounds good to me, but I'm worried about John Kerry's plan that would give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Most of those illegal aliens were employed in violation of our immigration laws. Under Kerry's amnesty, those thousands of corporations that have employed millions of illegal aliens won't be held responsible for violation our laws for years.

In most cases those corporations were fully aware that they were hiring illegal aliens, a federal offense. Does John Kerry intend to punish those corporations, or will he just let them get off?

Also, I read a statistic that I didn't know about before. According to Kerry, "Hispanic-American unemployment has soared more than 30% (and) 1.4 million Hispanic-Americans are out of work."

Yet, Kerry's amnesty will encourage millions more low-wage earning illegal aliens to come to the U.S. That will drive down wages for low-income Hispanic-Americans and African-Americans. How does Kerry intend to provide jobs for millions of low-wage earning American citizens if he's inviting millions of low-wage earning illegal aliens to come here?

Like I said, I'm on the fence, so I hope someone can answer my questions.

Let's see how long "JumboJack90040"'s question lasts before it's deemed not fawning enough. My similar posts were deleted from John Kerry's blog.

In any case, I encourage others to "Moby-lize" the cause, perhaps even doing it in a more subtle way.