Schwarzenegger makes yet another bad choice

Governor Arnold has come out in favor of Proposition 69:

Proposition 69 requires convicted felons and those arrested for rape and murder to give DNA, collected by mouth swab, not blood, for a statewide database.

Starting in 2009, all felony arrestees will also be tested, but those not convicted can have their sample removed from the database. Taking DNA during the booking process at the same time as old-fashioned fingerprints and mug shots provides police a proven high tech suspect identification tool that results in accurate investigations. No wasted time chasing false leads, the 21st century DNA fingerprint provides proof-positive evidence of innocence or guilt...

Bear in mind what it says above. All those arrested for felony crimes will have their DNA taken. Sure, they can supposedly have it removed, but, many's the slip twixt the request and the response.

If there was ever a John Walsh proposition, this is it. Some people will no doubt feel all warm and safe inside while the government is demanding more and more private and personal information from them.

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