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"What was the key lesson learned on the Blogging Across America tour?"

People frequently ask me, "What was the key lesson learned on the Blogging Across America tour?"

And, I tell them in all seriousness, the key lesson learned - the one bit of info I find most perplexing - is this: there are no Chinese steam table restaurants outside California.

For those "foreigners" among you, these restaurants are generally located in small mini-malls. They feature a small seating area with about a dozen seats. There's a counter containing a steam table in which are set several dishes. For about $4 you can get rice, chow mein, and two main dishes. Note that that's not the same as a "Chinese buffet" where one can expect to pay more; most buffet places are also more sit-down oriented.

In all my travels throughout the entire four month Blogging Across America tour, I did not find a Chinese steam table to-go type of place except in California. The moment you enter California - in Blythe - suddenly there it is. Perhaps it has something to do with health codes, or perhaps California is just leading the nation. Yet again.

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Tue, 07/06/2004 - 19:56
Jeff Harrell

Maybe you just didn't hit the right spots. They're in every food court in every mall in Dallas, for instance.