That's it, "no" more "scare" quotes for "me"

TalkLeft points to the article 'George Bush: The Torturer-in-Chief' written by Marjorie Cohn, a professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

If you want to see frothing-at-the-mouth hatred of Bush, look no further. She also "uses" enough "scare" quotes to "scare" anyone off using "scare" quotes "ever" "again." A taste:

From the first day of his presidency, the neocons in Bush's cabal determined to "stabilize" Iraq for U.S. corporate investment. Bush had his own motives to "git" Saddam for his would-be hit on George I...

Cloaking themselves in the "War on Terror," Bush and his minions methodically wove an intricate web of deception to convince the American people that Saddam was about to launch the "mushroom cloud," ending civilization as we know it...

And then "the leaks" began...

George W. Bush came into the White House - albeit through the back door - pledging to restore honor to the White House. Instead, he has dishonored America by leading us into an illegal war under false pretenses...

It should come as no surprise that:

Marjorie Cohn [is the] executive vice president of the National Lawyers Guild

TalkLeft also mentions an effort by over 400 legal "experts" to impeach "President" Bush. [stop it! --ed.]

After much searching, I found their site, complete with a list of signatories: It's run by a couple of profs from Harvard, and Alan Dershowitz is the most famous signatory.

I'd wager that most - if not all - of those legal scholars are members of either A.N.S.W.E.R., the NLG, or even the CPUSA.

Their press release is here. Teddy Kennedy shies away from directly supporting them here. Fan of Ramsey Clark? Sign his impeachment petition here. And, here's yet another impeachment petition. Maybe they just need a hobby.


Marjorie Cohn is certainly skilled at the art of jargon.

Not that I don't understand what she's trying to say, but that everything she says is sheer nonsense.