Ein Volk, Eine Heimat

From the AP, always an unbiased source of immigration information:

Mexican President Vicente Fox said Wednesday that Mexicans in the United States have improved their standard of living, but must still fight for better access to education, jobs and social services.

"Mexicans?" As in, Mexican-Americans? Or, as in Mexican tourists and the small number of legitimate temporary workers and visitors? Or, as in the millions of Mexican illegal aliens in the U.S.? I believe Fox is claiming all of them as his own.

At a ceremony commemorating the opening of a new $8 million Mexican Consulate...

"We are Mexicans that live in our territories and we are Mexicans that live in other territories," he said in a 20-minute speech in Spanish. "In reality, we are 120 million people that live together and are working to construct a nation."

That's OK, don't worry about it. A foreign leader is just claiming a sizable chunk of our population as his own. Don't worry about it!

Here, have some cheap lettuce.