"[L.A.] Officials Get Tough on Rent Subsidies"

No more Section 8 (subsidized housing) for illegal aliens:

The change in policy means that thousands of undocumented immigrants who receive housing assistance will lose their monthly subsidy or face higher rents. The regulation, which has existed since 1995, prohibits undocumented immigrants from receiving assistance in public housing developments or through Section 8, a federal program that provides help with monthly rents...

The decision is the latest fallout from a funding crisis that surfaced in February and threatened the Housing Authority with being placed in a federal receivership. An agreement between the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the agency gives federal officials greater control over Housing Authority matters and requires local officials to abide by all HUD regulations.

Predictably, pro-illegal-alien advocates are having a cow. It's things like this that can create a backlash, and cause more harm than good. We need to crackdown on employers. Otherwise it looks like we're inviting illegals with one hand and telling some of them they need to live on the streets with the other.