AP: "Agents of the Oppressor Hunt Terrified Immigrants of Color"

The AP reports on the INS/BICE actually doing its job:

LOS ANGELES (AP) - U.S. Border Patrol agents have made more than 150 arrests in a sweep for illegal immigrants through communities far from the Mexican border, a practice authorities say will continue indefinitely.

In some cases, agents stopped people on streets or as they stepped off buses in Corona and Ontario, cities roughly 40 miles east of Los Angeles...

"This is kind of new, I guess, for most folks, but it is within the mission of the Border Patrol to detain, arrest and apprehend illegal aliens," said Angel Santa Ana of the Border Patrol's San Diego office...

This AP report was posted by several papers, and the story behind the story is the headlines the various papers used.

The link above is to the Bakersfield Californian, and the report there has the title 'Agents crack down on illegal immigrants in S. California'.

However, several other sites posted this article under the title 'Crackdown terrifies Southern California immigrant communities'. Because the same article was printed under that title in different papers, it's safe to assume that's the original title as provided by the AP.

Now, obviously, the AP's original title is not just inflammatory, it's inaccurate. The INS/BICE is arresting illegal aliens. They aren't terrorizing immigrant communities.

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San Jose Mercury News

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