Anyone who doesn't want Mexican trucks on American highways is a XRM-SBAH

I believe that Former North Carolina Commissioner of Motor Vehicles Edward L. Powell, Republican candidate for the Fifth Congressional District, is a XRM-SBAH*. In fact, just today he strongly condemned the recent Supreme Court decision that allows Mexican trucks to use the highways of the United States:

Powell said, "This is another direct result of the disastrous North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which has already virtually destroyed our textile and furniture industries in the Fifth District. NAFTA now threatens to destroy another vital part of the Fifth District, our trucking industry and its drivers and employees, in addition to the potentially deadly highway safety considerations."

"As the former head of highway safety in North Carolina, I can foresee deadly consequences for our citizens with these mechanically faulty Mexican trucks driven by non English speaking, inexperienced reckless drivers on American streets and highways. In addition, these Mexican trucking companies will take away large portions of our trucking business from our trucking companies in the Fifth District destroying these jobs just like "free trade" has destroyed our textile and furniture jobs. I can foresee the strong likelihood of Mexican trucks hauling drugs and other contraband into our country with our eagerness to do "free trade."

What a XRM-SBAH! Let the trucks come! Wealth for all!

*Xenophobic racist mean-spirited bigoted anti-human