Is there really a "campaign against fat people"?

I don't know, let's go to and find out. "Whoa, hold up a minute there pardner," I hear you saying, "isn't that a porn site?"

Relax. It's not a porn site. Although the sight of those lovelies promoting the Summer Pajama Party at the Wild West VFW in Tacoma are shore enough raising my blood pressure!

No, what you want is the link right under "WELCOME MATT DRUDGE LISTENERS!" You know, the one that says 'More about the REAL story on':

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago when it comes to any political
lobbying organization, before you accept what they say as gospel to

What is the REAL goal of the efforts of It is
actually what is called a "front group"...

It actually appears that he is a hired gun trying to make you believe
that the government wants to limit your freedom ... when in effect
he's trying to keep his clients free from having to justify turning a
blind eye to the country's obesity problem so they can keep selling
fatty burgers without scrutiny.

More about Berman's real agenda at


Nope, we're not a porn site...but we ARE advocates of size acceptance and confidence for those who are comfortable in their own (FAT) bodies.

Fat people are victims of one of the last quasi-"acceptable" forms of discrimination. But the fact is we're not a minority...the Center for Disease Control says 50-60% of Americans are overweight or obese.

Thanks for surfing our site and glad our big beautiful gals gave you a "rise" :)

Daniel, Webmaster

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