Houston Chronicle says BICE should ignore "undocumented workers"

From the editorial 'ON ICE: Immigration agents right to hunt terrorists, crooks':

In recent weeks the Houston office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been falsely accused of conducting mass and indiscriminate raids on places where illegal immigrants live and work. When ICE officials denied conducting any such raids, U.S. Rep. John Culberson and other conservative ideologues asked why the agency wasn't doing its duty by rounding up illegal immigrants...

[...there are more pressing concerns like terrorism, smuggling, etc...]

...With all that and more to accomplish, it is no wonder that ICE agents in Houston are not raiding construction sites, schools, churches and other places where honest but undocumented workers congregate. Even the most resentful opponent of uncontrolled immigration would not wish ICE to reorder its priorities and leave the field to ever-bolder terrorists and vicious criminals.

Previous coverage of BICE not doing their job starts here.

Terrorism and smuggling are certainly important, however part of BICE's supposed job is to prevent illegal immigration. I'm sure they can work a little workplace enforcement into their busy schedule.

Please contact the Chronicle's editor and let him know what you think: jeff.cohen@chron.com

I wonder if he considers himself an Open Borders ideologue, or perhaps a liberal ideologue.