"Tenn. Legislature approves bill barring illegal immigrants from using driver's licenses as IDs"

From the AP:

A bill passed Wednesday will transform Tennessee from a haven for illegal immigrants seeking driver's licenses to the state with the strictest driver's license policy in the nation, state officials say.

The legislation, approved 96-2 in the House after it passed the Senate earlier this week, now goes to Gov. Phil Bredesen, whose administration developed the bill.

"The changes we're making today are necessary given the ongoing threat of terrorism that exists in this country," sponsor Rep. Phillip Pinion said before the 96-2 vote. "If we'd had this (across the country) the 19 hijackers would not have been able to get on the airplanes that caused the terrorist attacks of 9/11..."

This isn't a full restriction; illegal aliens can get "certificates of driving" which are marked as not valid for ID purposes. Whether they would be considered as ID is not known.