INS, Houston police assure "immigrants" that the laws aren't being enforced

Welcome to Wacky World. The INS called a town hall meeting in Houston to calm the fears of illegal aliens. You see, there's a rumor going around Houston's illegal alien community that the INS is actually doing its job and conducting raids.

The INS called the meeting to inform the illegal aliens that they are, in fact, not doing their job. The Houston Police chimed in with confirmation that they are prevented by local laws from following federal laws:

The rumors have persisted for weeks, causing illegal immigrants within the Hispanic community to flee or hide.

"People are staying home. They don't even go to work, they don't go shopping, they don't go have fun, because they are scared. And it's not true -- that's not happening," said Escamillo.

"We are not conducting mass raids of work sites, of schools, of construction sites. That is not the case," said ICE official Joe Webber.

Other reports on the meeting - which was held almost all in Spanish - are here, here, and here.

Yes, it does seem like a bad Twilight Zone episode.


Gee. Who would have thought that checking up on swarthy dark skinned illegal aliens who may or may not have carried illegal items into the country would be a bad idea?


Nuff said.