"Human tsumani"

The Washington Times has a long, depressing piece on (largely illegal) immigration to Los Angeles: 'Human tsumani'. The Voice of Stupidity is provided by political scientist Raphael Sonenshein, who used to work for Maxine Waters.

Is there some way to force "liberals" and liberaltarians to not just read this article, but to live with the impacts it describes? Kinda like how slum lords are occasionally forced to live in their own buildings. Yeah, I like that idea. Let's find Chris Cannon an apartment in Pico-Union.


Quote from this article:

"While we need legal immigration, which is essential"

Like hell we do. Enough is enough. America is full. This country needs LESS immigrants, not more. I don't blame anyone for wanting to come here. If we hand out a free lunch should we be surprised people come to get it?

Lock down the borders and anyone here illegally should be sent back. Period. Will the politicians ever realize this? Let's hope so.

The article mentions the mechanism by which low-standards immigrants displace the others; paying a higher rent per square foot and taking a lower wage. To this is added the acceptance of lower-quality schools, a fatalistic tolerance of crime and other breaches of minimum standards. When this process continues for some time, a change in characters somewhat like natural selection will tend to become ingrained; that which provided an opening for one cohort is reinforced in the next. The opening occurs at the outset by a decline in standards sufficient to expel a good percentage of the previous population. When you select, as it were, for declining standards, how will they then turn around and raise the standards again. In some of these places, the situation is so bad that they must keep schools in the most intolerable condition, just because so many immigrants in that district have children waiting over the border, for a place, or a half-decent place in that school to open up. How is it that our scholars and officials are so far out of sympathy with the citizen (not to mention the legal immigrant) that they place taboos on the mention of such matters (as the above).