LOST and in trouble

The Law of the Sea Treaty looks to be in trouble:

The Law of the Sea Convention, an international treaty governing uses of the world's oceans, was steaming toward Senate ratification last fall, backed by everyone from the White House to the Navy to lawmakers from both political parties.

But U.S. approval may be capsized by conservatives wary of having the country sign any more international agreements, especially one overseen by the United Nations.

The Bush administration appears to have backed away from the treaty, and despite exhortations by such Republicans as Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana, Senate leaders are making no effort to bring the treaty to a vote....

Perhaps this had something to do with it:

Former U.N. ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick told a Senate hearing today that the Law of the Sea Treaty threatened America's sovereignty and interests not only on the high seas but in the air and outer space as well...

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