"Bustamante agrees to largest ever campaign violation fine"

I don't know whether this is what Bustamante wanted or not; it's certainly not as good as the $9 million they could have fined him:

Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante paid a record $263,000 fine for violating state limits on accepting campaign donations, California's Fair Political Practices Commission said today.

The state's political watchdog agency charged in a civil lawsuit filed in January that Bustamante and his supporters improperly moved $3.8 million between campaign committees during the recall election in an effort to skirt contribution limits.

Although FPPC officials have said Bustamante faced fines of as much as $9 million, the $263,000 settlement is still the largest ever paid by a candidate...

Bustamante's shenanigans are mentioned in this older article.

I vaguely recall another donation violation with an exorbitant fine that seemed to be politically motivated. They were fined for each occurence, adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, I can't remember enough keywords to find it.