Anyone seen Bush?

He seems to have wandered off.

He got slightly back on track after the refreshing pause provided by the stuttering Asian-American reporter.

Oops, now he's wandering again... now he's back... wandering... back...

His messianic zeal for the liberation of Iraq is a little off-putting. However, hopefully his message about staying the course will strike a chord with people. He is, of course, right about the attacks in Iraq being designed to get us to pull out. And, he's right that we can't give the enemies what they want.

He failed to mention that there are some people in the U.S. who end up supporting our enemies by encouraging that we leave Iraq immediately.

As for the comment about some people thinking Iraqis can't be free, he was correct in stating that was a stupid comment when made out of ethnic grounds. However, adding the bit about "brown-skinned" was too much. Presidents shouldn't play the race card.